gummy smile

(gingival display)

Some of us have the tendency to reveal an excessive amount of their upper gum mucosa when smiling or laughing. This, particularly in women, may be perceived as disconcerting and source of considerable embarrassment. A particularly severe upper gummy smile can have a significant impact on social interactions making the affected individuals extremely concerned of their appearance and forcing themselves to limit the extent of their smile or laugh when being photographed or in other public interactions.   Furthermore, exaggerated upper gummy smile tend to be associated with a sharply defined nasolabial folds with deep furrows.
Although different factors may influence the aesthetics model, a tooth exposure of up to three quarters of the upper incisors, and no more than 1 to 2 mm of the upper gum mucosa, is most commonly considered ideal.
Injecting botulinum toxin will reduce upward movements of the upper lid thus resulting in the reduction of upper gingival and dental show, elongation of the upper lip and improvement of the associated nasolabial fold.

About the treatment:

  • procedure time: 30 to  60 minutes

  • back to work: immediately 

  • the onset of action: 7 - 14 days 

  • duration of action: results are maintained for approximately  2 - 4 months

  • anaesthetic:  yes

  • risk and complications: minor swelling at the injection site 

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