Lip enhancement

(shaping, volumisation, hydration)

Lips are an important facial landmark for a youthful face.

Full lips have always been associated with youth, vitality and sensuality. Lip augmentation is commonly perceived to increase the attractiveness of the face, whilst giving a younger and fresher appearance.

The lip ageing process is generally associated with fading of their colour, blurring of their contour and wrinkle formation. The treatment with dermal filler injection aims at averting the effects of the ageing.

The most popular material used for lip augmentation is hyaluronic acid, those type of fillers are currently the safest, most versatile, and most durable products for injecting into the lips.

They have, in fact, great patient acceptance and popularity.

Hyaluronic acid is a component of the connective tissue which is naturally present in our body.

This makes lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid-based fillers a well-tolerated and complication-free treatment. Injected hyaluronic acid stays in our body temporarily; the treatment must, therefore, be repeated cyclically.


The use of dermal fillers can restore volume, definition, and shape.


Particularly, the treatments with hyaluronic acid can: 

•  Emphasize the contour  

•  Increase the volume   

•  Eliminate the disproportions between the upper and lower lip  

•  Lift the falling corners of the mouth  

•  Emphasize the so-called "arches of Cupid" over the upper lip


Increasing size alone doesn’t necessarily project rejuvenation! 

It is advised to maintain anatomical configuration to avoid the unattractive “sausage” lips.

Well-balanced lips also have the lower lip slightly larger than the upper. In addition to a youthful shape, attractive lips have a well-defined border (vermillion).

It is preferable for this area to be defined, but not volumized. 

About the treatment: 

Hyaluronic Acid is administered in the form of a transparent gel. Before the procedure, local anaesthesia in the form of anaesthetic cream with high lidocaine content will be applied. The procedure will take approximately 20-30 minutes. After the treatment the lips are usually quite swollen and sensitive, small bruises can appear on them. The swelling usually subsides after a 24 - 48 hours. For the two weeks following the procedure, lips must be well protected from heat and UV radiation, as those may lead to premature absorption of hyaluronic acid. The highest magnification effect is noticeable during the first weeks. This is due to the strong binding of with hyaluronic acid with water. 

  • procedure time: 45 to  60 minutes

  • back to work: immediately 

  • the onset of action: immediately

  • duration of action: results are maintained for approximately  6 - 18 months

  • anaesthetic:  not required

  • risk and complications: minor swelling at the injection site 

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