(nasal TIP DROP)

In some individuals, the nasal tip shifts downwards with age. This is partially due to the pull of gravity and partially to the pull of a hyperkinetic muscle of the nasal septum. This may project an overall perception of senility.

For those patients who can intentionally depress downwards the tip of their nose by lowering their upper lip, injections of botulinum toxin may help lifting and projecting their nasal tip. In some cases the injection may slightly alter the anatomy of the space between the nose and the upper lid, giving a fuller and more voluminous appearance to the upper lip.

About the treatment:

  • procedure time: 30 to  60 minutes

  • back to work: immediately 

  • the onset of action: 10 - 14 days 

  • duration of action: results are maintained for approximately  3 - 4 months

  • anaesthetic:  yes

  • risk and complications: minor swelling at the injection site 

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