noSe-to-mouth lines

(Nasolabial folds)

The combination of ageing and a downward shift can deepen the nasolabial sulcus, thus augmenting its fold. Accentuated by the side lighting and shadows, the nasolabial fold is enhanced by the incessant effects of ageing with its overall diminution of structural skeletal and muscular support, in combination with the pull of gravity.

The appearance of nasolabial folds is generally more accentuated in genetically predisposed individuals; it is, however, likely for them to be acquired by those whose mid-facial movements are constant and excessively intense.

Usually absent in children, nasolabial folds emerge at around the age of 25 as long-lasting expressions of emotions, laughter, fatigue, pain, and so on.

Deep diagonal folds progressing downwards from the sides of the nose to the angle of the mouth, at times even lower, project an attitude of apprehension and aversion, typically representing signs of advanced age.​

About the treatment: 

  • procedure time: 45 to 60 minutes

  • back to work: immediately 

  • the onset of action: immediately

  • duration of action: results are maintained for approximately  3 - 4 months

  • anaesthetic:  yes

  • risk and complications: minor swelling at the injection site 

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