Smokers or Perioral lines

(orbicularis oris)

While eyes are the centre of focus for the upper face, the mouth is the centre of focus for the lower face. Full lips with a smooth and distinct border are considered the hallmark of youth with all its pristine beauty. With time and sun exposure, lips become thin, flaccid, elongated and wrinkled, whilst lacking substance and contour. Ageing of the lips may be accompanied by the formation of vertical wrinkles around the mouth contour, also known as “rhytides” or “smoker lines”. Women are more subjected to the development of rhytides than men.
Static wrinkling can be the result of identifiable causes such as age and sun exposure, as well as of genetics, intrinsic soft tissue characteristics and anatomic features.
Injections in the perioral area may reduce the depth of the vertical lines and dramatically improve the overall appearance and emotional outlook. The effect may resemble a pseudo lip augmentation.  


About the treatment:

  • procedure time: 30 to 60 minutes

  • back to work: immediately

  • the onset of action: 7 - 14 days 

  • duration of action: results are maintained for approximately  3 - 4 months

  • anaesthetic:  yes

  • risk and complications: minor swelling at the injection site 

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